A landslide of buying behavior

iStock_000022732705_Large - cauter lrThere are tremendous changes of buying behavior taking place”, argues Cindy van Cauter of Quotus Shopper Insights, one of the speakers in the Marketing and Sales parallel stream on Friday 12 June.

We can absolutely speak of a landslide of buying behavior. That landslide is caused by a new composition in demographics, by the crisis and by new technological developments. Big brand retailers agree: “In the past two years, buying patterns changed faster than in the past 20 years as a whole.”

Omni Channel Omni-channel retailing is now a quite familiar concept. It means communicating with consumers through various online and offline complementary channels. It is increasingly important to be present on the channels used by consumers throughout the customer journey from the purchase idea to the product purchase. Retailers need to be much more capable in the future to communicate with the shopper through various channels at the right time and in the right way.

Information -> Personalization Due to the large amount of digital information, search behavior of consumers has become much more selective. Consumers scan information much faster than a few years ago. Customer communications must be clear and particularly attractive. Personalization is  an indispensable trend. Big brand retailers already fully test the capabilities of iBeacons to serve the customer more personal and in a more effective way.

The shopper is ready Digital solutions can be tremendously supportive, informative and even  inspiring during a shopping trip. Take informative apps, the influence of social media, the effect of augmented reality and lively possibilities of video. Consumers and shoppers are ready for the adaptation of technological features that are still sparsely offered by retailers. I think the chances for retail are up for grabs! Labels Labels communicate with consumers and shoppers at different stages of the customer journey. This type of communication is also subject to change. They require a new, suitable approach towards the consumer versus the shopper. New approaches contain three characteristics. The first is about serving, the second about making it easy and the third about making them happy.

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– drs. Cindy van Cauter

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