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Guinness experts join FINAT’s European Label Forum 2018 speaker line-up

FINAT is proud to welcome two distinguished experts from the renowned Irish beer brand Guinness to its speaker programme for this year’s European Label Forum, 6-8 June, Citywest Hotel, Dublin. On the last day of the event, Emma Rochford and Kathryn Wilson will share Guinness’ considerations on the path to 2020.

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Alternative label printing. Now what? The Learning Continues

Two rounds of three interactive, ‘hands-on’ parallel learning sessions are scheduled to take place on Thursday afternoon, 7 June, on the occasion of FINAT’s European Label Forum in Dublin.

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Are you joining the 2018 FINAT European Label Forum? Because you should!

How businesses can successfully master the ‘talent gap’ in their company; 10 questions to find that gap in your company

A few years after the idea of ranking web pages by their inbound links came to Larry Page in a dream, the founder of Google wrote down his five rules for management. He was in his twenties at the time. Rule #4 was this: Ideas are more important than age. Just because someone is junior doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect and cooperation.

This focus on ideas and the empowerment of younger generations had never existed before. Suddenly, it became apparent that young people have valuable skills and talent to offer.  Add in technology, and an entirely new economy emerges –the Talent Economy, an era driven by a collaborative, innovative, mobile, on-demand workforce fueled by ideas and information. 

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Converter Challenges to be addressed at FINAT European Label Forum

The challenges being faced by converters and the emerging technical trends that are impacting their businesses are among the key topics that will be addressed at the 4th FINAT European Label Forum, Dublin, from 6-8 June. This important event will provide attendees with insight and guidance as they think about the future of their businesses in a rapidly evolving environment.

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