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The label industry meets in Ireland: FINAT’s European Label Forum 2018

The challenges of a 21st-century business platform trying to compete for the interest (and commitment) of younger people are exceptional in today’s label and packaging print world. The international label association FINAT has taken the leading role in this challenge, and its annual conference, the European Label Forum, devoted much of its programme this year to focussing the minds of the 250-strong audience – founders and managers of converting companies, and their suppliers across the board – on developing ways to harness the skills and allegiance of tomorrow’s label industry leaders to drive the efficacy of a key feature of modern life – packaging print. Couple this mission with the major changes across the print technology base, and the typical label converter is at a crossroads – in terms of skills base, finances, and young, talented personnel who might make middle and higher management in the fullness of time.

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European Label Forum 2018: Making a lasting impression

Whilst the Irish upbeat music and the sound of tapping shoes of the dancing group still reverberates in our head, we can safely say that the ELF2018 in Dublin was one of the most successful and memorable events ever.

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Guinness experts join FINAT’s European Label Forum 2018 speaker line-up

FINAT is proud to welcome two distinguished experts from the renowned Irish beer brand Guinness to its speaker programme for this year’s European Label Forum, 6-8 June, Citywest Hotel, Dublin. On the last day of the event, Emma Rochford and Kathryn Wilson will share Guinness’ considerations on the path to 2020.

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Alternative label printing. Now what? The Learning Continues

Two rounds of three interactive, ‘hands-on’ parallel learning sessions are scheduled to take place on Thursday afternoon, 7 June, on the occasion of FINAT’s European Label Forum in Dublin.

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Are you joining the 2018 FINAT European Label Forum? Because you should!