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How businesses can successfully master the ‘talent gap’ in their company; 10 questions to find that gap in your company

A few years after the idea of ranking web pages by their inbound links came to Larry Page in a dream, the founder of Google wrote down his five rules for management. He was in his twenties at the time. Rule #4 was this: Ideas are more important than age. Just because someone is junior doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect and cooperation.

This focus on ideas and the empowerment of younger generations had never existed before. Suddenly, it became apparent that young people have valuable skills and talent to offer.  Add in technology, and an entirely new economy emerges –the Talent Economy, an era driven by a collaborative, innovative, mobile, on-demand workforce fueled by ideas and information. 

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Converter Challenges to be addressed at FINAT European Label Forum

The challenges being faced by converters and the emerging technical trends that are impacting their businesses are among the key topics that will be addressed at the 4th FINAT European Label Forum, Dublin, from 6-8 June. This important event will provide attendees with insight and guidance as they think about the future of their businesses in a rapidly evolving environment.

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The growing crossover between Labels and Flexible Packaging

In my presentation at FINAT ELF in Dublin, I will be looking in more detail at the growing links between labels and flexible packaging, and how label converters are well positioned to take a niche share of the fast-growing flexibles market.

There are several aspects to this. Most importantly, the dominant label converting technology – in-line combination presses – is today capable of printing both self-adhesive (supported) substrates and filmic (unsupported) substrates on the same press line.

Servo drive technology on web transport and print units, auto-registration and impression setting and the trend towards wider presses all make the handling of thin, heat-sensitive films possible while matching the larger format size required for flexible packaging.

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The single most surprising factors of print technology success stories in Ireland

The most surprising factor in the success of label printing in Ireland is that it is not a surprise. As a race Irish people have always shown a capacity for creativity and resourcefulness: from the invention of colour photography, the ejector seat and the Ferguson tractor to the discovery of a cure for leprosy and of pulsar stars.  Why then would we wonder that our label printing industry is one of the most vibrant and innovative in Europe?  The challenges facing the print industry in the island of Ireland and the impact of Brexit seem to pale by comparison.

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Two opportunities and one challenge of the EU falsified Medicines Directive for Label Printers

Starting 9 February 2019 Directive 2011/62/EU, amending Directive 2001/83/EC, commonly referred to as the “Falsified Medicines Directive” (FMD) will generally require that prescription drug medicines in the EU/EEA will have to be equipped with two safety features: 1) a unique identifier, which is a serialized data-matrix code with human readable information, and 2) a so-called anti-tampering device/tamper verification feature (not specified). The FMD will affect approx. 10.5 million medicinal products a year in the EU/EEA.

Picture of serialization barcodes,

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