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Skeptical? Optimistic? Pessimistic? In 2018, how do Brands and Label Buyers Really Feel about Digitally Printed Labels?

In 1995, the first digital label production presses were featured at DRUPA. Over the last two decades, the market value of digitally-printed labels has climbed to make up more than 10% of Europe’s total label industry. Digitally-printed label market share continues to grow however not all packaging buyers perceive the technology in the same way.

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Connected Packaging

 A number of functionalities may be envisaged with NFC technology with connected packaging, with ‘consumer engagement’ looking especially interesting. The 2 key features offered by on-packaging / labels NFC tags are unique ID and gateway to the internet.

And from these 2 features operating separately or together open the door to a multitude of possibilities.

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Common misconceptions of TcO in Alternative Label Printing Technologies

I enjoy visiting label converters, learning new things and seeing how different companies solve similar problems in very different ways that differentiate companies. It gives the company its identity, often in the image of the owner, with great expertise on the processes employed. It is informative to talk to label people about their operations.  Listening to their pride and enthusiasm of how they produce innovative, beautiful products. But (there’s always a but) this leads to seeing the label world from their perspective and there are deep-rooted perceptions. Some may not be.

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European Label Forum 2018 adds young managers’ challenge to programme

Designed to encourage future workforce development for modern, high tech, clean label industry

Find out why the 2018 European Label Forum is especially interesting for (young) managers in the label industry and why you should make sure to join the YMC Business Simulation Challenge and the ELF working programme.

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Labels … a cost or a revenue generator?

Keran Turakhia, author of “if packaging could talk” and entrepreneur running businesses that have centered labels and packaging as the key to enabling brands run better promotions.

“Can a label be a media vehicle for a brand worth over £100/1000”? – Absolutely 

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