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ELF 2018 – The industry’s Board Room Retreat in Dublin

The 4th edition of FINAT’s annual European Label Forum will be held in Dublin, from 6-8 June. As in previous years, the programme covers a range of issues that have been or will soon be on boardroom agendas of labels and packaging solutions providers across Europe.

Topics on this year’s “ELF” agenda include among other things the following topics:

  • The European label industry after Brexit;
  • Diversification of the labels and narrow web industry into short-run packaging;
  • Intelligent labels and packaging;
  • Recruitment and retention of talent;
  • The state of affairs in digital label printing (based on FINAT commissioned research);
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) of different label printing technologies;
  • The latest innovations in brand protection;
  • Branding your company via online marketing;
  • Managing food compliance regulations;
  • Preparing for upcoming legislation on serialization and tamper evidence.

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Full recap of the 2017 FINAT European Label Forum

New horizons for the label industry: FINAT European Label Forum

The international labelling association FINAT convened its European Label Forum in Berlin in June, since Germany hosts well over 400 label printing companies today, including Hagmaier Etiketten, whose Managing Director, Thomas Hagmaier, had served as FINAT President for the last two years. He handed over the presidency to Chris Ellison of OPM Labels, UK, at the event.

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How Label Companies Can Win in the Smart Products Revolution

by Andy Hobsbawm, Co-founder and CMO of EVRYTHNG

At FINAT’s European Label Forum, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion about the future of the label industry and how label companies can best participate in the emerging smart products revolution. If I had to pick one major theme from that conversation it would be data.

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FINAT’s European Label Forum 2017 in Berlin: addressing challenges of change in an era of transformation

Having just returned from the 2017 edition of FINAT’s European Label Forum in Berlin, I share with you some thoughts which I already wrote down in my editorial of the association’s Yearbook that has just been released. The thoughts and ideas that were shared, the conversations that took place and the (new) friendships that were built only confirm the role of our association as platform linking the label community on its way to future business success! Thanks to all of you who were there who made this an event to remember.

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