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Employer branding : a strategic answer to Industry 4.0.

By Jan Denys, Labour market expert at Randstad Group, speaker at the European Label Forum 2017

The importance of Industry 4.0. for a sustainable society and labour market is widely acknowledged.  An underlying question is what this means for recruitment and human resources policies in the companies involved.

The answer on that question will depend on the effects of digitalization/robotisation on the future of work. Here we can distinguish between two basic scenario’s:

  • In scenario A, digitalization/robotisation wil lead to massive job destruction with no or insufficient job creation.
  • In scenario B, digitalization will lead to changes within excisting jobs.

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Digitisation in the labels and packaging industry: 4 principles of success

By Stephan Lechel, Porsche Consulting and speaker at the European Label Forum 2017

Digital change preoccupies companies in every industry. In the packaging industry, however, digitalisation is especially visible. Many consumers deal with packaged food and cosmetics every day and virtually every industrial company uses labels and packaged material in production. With digital technology this packaging is being transformed. Its function is expanded so that instead of just a protective cover when transporting goods, more and more packaging is providing intelligent and customised add-ons to the packaged product.

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The Future of the Smart Products Revolution Is #BornDigital

By Andy Hobsbawm, EVRYTHNG and speaker at the European Label Forum 2017

Digital transformation is rewriting the rules of competition, shifting business models, and creating new value for nearly every industry. At the core of this transformation is an inevitability: every physical thing in the world that can be connected will be. This means that manufacturers will be able to instrument every physical product they make and sell and connect them to the Web to generate massive amounts of data and enable innovation never before possible. This digitization of the physical will allow the trillions of consumer products produced each year to become more intelligent, interactive, and trackable, and therefore more valuable to their manufacturers and to the consumers who buy and use them.  

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FINAT European Label Forum briefs the label industry

“There are very few occasions in any industry when leading players across all relevant disciplines can usefully get together,” says Jules Lejeune, Managing Director of the international labelling association FINAT. “Our FINAT European Label Forum is certainly one such opportunity – and it represents a present-and-future business briefing that encompasses both the global environment and industry-specific topics across the many aspects of this diverse packaging business sector.”

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The Challenge of Change

Learn about our first keynote speaker at the FINAT European Label Forum 2017 in June in Berlin, the other Michael Jackson.