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Highlights from the FINAT RADAR – Get an update on market statistics at ELF

infographic RADAR_websiteTo have a good understanding of where your business stands today, requires that you have a clear picture of the journey you have been on, the one your competitors and customers are on and the path the industry itself is taking.

Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

Of course, we know that it is not as cut and dried as that. There are so many elements that have to be taken into account in all three of those areas that no individual can take on such a task alone.

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Mapping the road to success in the label industry, today and tomorrow

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether to go to a conference or event.  It’s a commitment in time and energy, it takes you away from your business, and it costs good money. And what will you get out of it? Most of the time, because you’re a business professional, you’ll see, or hear about, developments with which you’re already familiar… and, often, that are completely irrelevant in your line of work.

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Thinking at the leading edge

Strategic insights characterise FINAT 2016 European Label Forum

The business challenges of today and tomorrow are the focus of the international label industry, where new brand owner demands, new technologies, legislation and new packaging formats combine to deliver an ever-changing platform of activity. This is the situation, which the agenda of the European Label Forum 2016 will address in an event dedicated to inspiring and energising label industry participants at all levels – with an outstanding programme of expert international speakers.

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The Label Masters Challenge with Mike Fairley

Where would the labels and packaging industry be without a skilled workforce that masters the sophisticated technology that it has at its disposal? How can we make sure that our industry is secured of a continuous inflow of a motivated talent? How can we establish a culture of permanent education to cope with the rapid changes in technology? And how can we create the necessary facilities to make this work? It all starts at the top. This industry has always excelled in entrepreneurship, technical excellence and innovation. Knowledge and technology awareness will remain key to future success. In collaboration with the Label Academy, FINAT is therefore challenging the leaders of this industry to test their competence in areas like printing technology, design and origination, dispensing and application, codes and coding, environmental sustainability and other modules from the series of 20 that are planned to encourage and support permanent education in the label industry. Delegates of the 2016 European Label Forum will compete in teams and after several rounds, the winner takes it all!!!

Capture and Create Value at FINAT European Label Forum

Interactive workshop addresses challenges impacting growth

An interactive workshop detailing how operations can generate more value from their business to enable them to embrace innovation and grow successfully will be one of the main highlights at FINAT’s second European Label Forum. The ELF will talk place at the Moevenpick Hotel in Amsterdam from 16-18 June.

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