Connected Packaging

 A number of functionalities may be envisaged with NFC technology with connected packaging, with ‘consumer engagement’ looking especially interesting. The 2 key features offered by on-packaging / labels NFC tags are unique ID and gateway to the internet.

And from these 2 features operating separately or together open the door to a multitude of possibilities.

Consumer engagement has tremendous potential for brand owners and may be exploited in a wide variety of known and tried ways. Reinforcing and enhancing the ongoing relationship between brand and consumer with measurable ROI.

Of course, none of this was ever remotely possible with traditional marketing techniques.

Key Drivers – Convergence of Major Technologies – Tipping Point

There is a marked uplift in prospects of smartphone-enabled NFC ‘internet gateway’ devices with technology developments. With a number of factors are converging to facilitate the take up of consumer engagement and mobile marketing, driven by:

  • The fast emerging Internet of Things (IoT) with respect to enabled item-level packaging & labels with unique IDs that can open direct ‘Gateways’ to the Internet
  • The reality & prospects of substantially lower unit cost ‘radio-electronic’ devices thanks to the imminent commercialisation of printed electronics
  • The viability of NFC enabled smartphones to read NFC tags is already well established today
  • All this is underpinned by Big Data & Analytics with all the benefits that this capability brings.

 A key driver in this powerful trend (whether NFC reader or camera-enabled) is the continuing meteoric rise of the smartphone, and evolution of the worldwide smartphone installed base at some 2 billion in 2017 and forecast to grow at around 13% year-on-year over the next 5 years to 2022 – And today the vast majority of consumers have a smartphone with them at all times.

A blog written by James Bevan, Director of Vandagraf International Limited.

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