Labels … a cost or a revenue generator?

Keran Turakhia, author of “if packaging could talk” and entrepreneur running businesses that have centered labels and packaging as the key to enabling brands run better promotions.

“Can a label be a media vehicle for a brand worth over £100/1000”? – Absolutely 

Packaging Media Ltd, founded by Keran Turakhia sold over £1 million of “media” on labels or packaging. The secret .. converting a label to have an independent piece of print to be used as media ….

“Can a label be the link between the offline world and the powerful digital online world?” – Yes absolutely …

Hive IP ltd, another business Keran co-founded has over 300 market case studies .. showing labelled packaging as the pivotal connection for brands to use digital technology and run better more intelligent promotions.

The “secret” is to look at labels differently … to disrupt the way we look at a label’s role.

The methodology … to translate “value” from a label is described in Keran’s book ; “ if packaging could talk”.

IPackaging expertise ltd, Keran’s expertise business offers label suppliers and their FMCG brands structured packages to liberate untapped value and transform labels from where they are now: a cost ,to where they should be : a revenue generator.

“Labels it”s time to think out of your box”……..

Discover the true value of digital packaging

The FINAT European Label Forum (ELF) 2018 reveals the facts!

Labels’ main problem is that they are seen as a cost center and not a revenue generator. With some disruptive thinking and lots of market evidence ELF2018 speaker Keran Thurakia, Director ofHive IP ltd and founder of iPackaging Expertise Ltd, has a methodology to show printers and their brands how to “discover the hidden value in packaging”.

Keran will be speaking on Thursday, 7 June at 12.00 CET.

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