ELF 2018 – The industry’s Board Room Retreat in Dublin

The 4th edition of FINAT’s annual European Label Forum will be held in Dublin, from 6-8 June. As in previous years, the programme covers a range of issues that have been or will soon be on boardroom agendas of labels and packaging solutions providers across Europe.

Topics on this year’s “ELF” agenda include among other things the following topics:

  • The European label industry after Brexit;
  • Diversification of the labels and narrow web industry into short-run packaging;
  • Intelligent labels and packaging;
  • Recruitment and retention of talent;
  • The state of affairs in digital label printing (based on FINAT commissioned research);
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) of different label printing technologies;
  • The latest innovations in brand protection;
  • Branding your company via online marketing;
  • Managing food compliance regulations;
  • Preparing for upcoming legislation on serialization and tamper evidence.

Additionally, FINAT is proud to announce 3 keynote speakers who will put our industry-specific topics in the wider context of the politics, economics, and society. TV commentator and spokesman of former British PM Tony Blair Alastair Campbell will address the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, as the Brexit negotiations are approaching the final deadline of March 2019. Founder of XYZ University, author and expert on intergenerational issues in companies Sarah Sladek, addresses one of the top 3 concerns in the industry: the incoming generation of new talent. Finally, Professor Noreena Hertz, author, visionary economist and author with an impressive track record in predicting global trends, will offer guidance on how to make the right decisions in an increasingly complex business environment.

To underline the role of the European Label Forum as catalyst of discussion, debate and mutual learning, it will again feature two panel debates one each day, as well as two parallel streams featuring a variety of topics to choose from (participants are recommended to bring along a second in command not to miss out on any of the topics!).

Of course, the ELF programme will also feature the (revamped) FINAT Label Awards Ceremony. And a visit to Dublin will not be complete without an evening at the iconic Guinness Storehouse, where FINAT will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Full details and the registration form can be found on this website. Make sure to block the dates on your calendar and register NOW!

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