Today’s ELF — tomorrow’s giant!

 ‘The definition and role of “a label” have changed dramatically in recent years, with the advent of new product decoration technologies, from sleeves and in-mould labels to printed electronics’, says Jules Lejeune, Managing Director of FINAT, setting the context for a major change in the international label association’s programme of events.   ‘With a customer base that is increasingly international in terms of brand owners and retailers, and a world of consumers who are social and online media experts, this is indeed a challenging scenario for label converters.   And with the focus on ACHIEVING change firmly placed on label converters, Europe’s industry association, FINAT, has both the desire and the duty to create a new information and education platform for its members.’

The first step in this ambitious project was the creation of the new FINAT European Label Forum, which now replaces the long-established annual FINAT congress.   Held in Amsterdam from 11-13 June, the first European Label Forum attracted around 300 participants from Europe and beyond, who represented every stage in the complex label value chain.   Its agenda placed a strong emphasis on business concerns – particularly running a profitable business in today’s economic environment.

The second and third European Label Forum, held on 16-18 June 2016 and on 7-9 June 2017, were again a great success. This year’s event in Dublin even exceeded this success, considered to be the ‘best one ever’.

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