Gallus Ferd. Rueesch AG

We specialise in supporting and assisting label printers and folding carton printers by offering a comprehensive portfolio of machines and services for successful product manufacture. We therefore define our areas of activity based on our customers’ needs and by playing a leading role in those sectors they are actively involved in. This leading role is achieved by providing label and folding carton printers with services and products that yield the maximum benefit.

Our portfolio – maximising customer benefits The unique nature of our products and services is reflected in a comprehensive portfolio that is geared to the needs of label and folding carton printers and can be repeatedly adapted to the particular requirements. This portfolio includes in particular presses, die-cutting units and accessories, screen printing plates, a spare parts service and a full range of other services.

Sustainability – our top corporate objective We are committed to sustainability and take our economic, social and environmental responsibilities very seriously, giving all three aspects equal weight and increasing our customers’ competitiveness in a truly unique way. Both Gallus as a company and each individual Gallus employee work to satisfy the present generation’s expectations without jeopardising the existence of future generations.

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