How Lean Management can prepare your business for fast changing customer demands?

Afbeelding Mekers def If shorter production runs, pristine quality, reduced customer lead times or even overnight delivery are your worries for today’s business, what will your label printing business look like for the next three to seven years?

I am sure you are looking for innovative and flexible printing methods, sustainable business models and new added value for your current and potential client base. But do you have the means to finance all of your great ideas, when every single Euro counts in your current daily operation?

With the Lean Management philosophy you will improve your bottom line operational results and free up the necessary Euros. Euros, you would normally spend on producing ‘waste’ like order set up and change over due to short production runs and reprints due to poor quality.

The only thing you need to learn is to see the waste in your process and master the art of solving problems. In the interactive workshop at the European Label Forum in Amsterdam next June, you will experience, first hand, how you can improve your bottom line results and meet customer demands with high quality, short delivery times and low production costs.

Introducing the Lean Management philosophy to your company empowers your employees to solve problems and improving your process capabilities very quickly. Reduce stock and simplify administrative processes, improve run times and shorten set up times. All done just by using your common sense.

I would like to challenge you to show your creativity and flexibility by improving the bottom line results of a company during this Lean workshop.

Lean Management is not about tools and methods. It is a way of life! A way of life that prepares your business for the future, tomorrow.

Jan Mekers, Richter IMA, host of the FINAT Lean Management Workshop and Game at the ELF 2015

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