Parallel Business Learning Sessions – Track 2

Learn more about the workshop by Gordon Crichton (Director of the Institut du Management de l’Achat International (MAI)) on innovation for future profitable growth.

Big-brand owners are increasingly turning to their strategic suppliers in creating new inroads. It is anticipated that up to 70% of innovation will come from suppliers in the next five years. To be successful with their clients, label and packaging suppliers therefore need to get closer to and identify with their customers, focusing on aspects like cost out, innovation, speed to market, risk limitation, environmental sustainability etc. To help members becoming a source of innovation for their strategic customers, the workshop will provide insights in how to re-define the customer-supplier relationship with an innovative mindset: What would we do different if we were a startup company? What would be the actions that we would do to achieve our goals? How would we implement and communicate our proposition with our target customers?

These are questions Gordon Crichton will talk about during his workshop on innovation for future profitable growth. Where Phil Allen will talk about value creation for current business, Gordon will be focusing on innovation for future business.

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