Self-adhesive: to hunt or be hunted?

Over the last 30 years self-adhesive labels have become the leading decorating technology in every developed economy in the world.  Rather than rest on the industry’s laurels we need to recognize competing label technologies, including packaging formats that don’t even require labels, want what we have and are getting very creative trying to take it.  What was once the hunter is now the hunted as competitive technologies try to gain self-adhesive’s position in the coveted prime label sector.

This presentation will address the current state of the prime label market and review technologies trying to take self-adhesives lucrative place.  Gone are the days when a standard bottle utilized a traditional label and sold at a regular price at the local market.  On and off-premise, refillable, interactive, customizable, internet driven, multi-serve, compostable, sustainable, regulated, counterfeited, combination structures;  are you dizzy yet?

Equally concerning is the on-going development of packages that don’t even utilize labels.  Just consider:

  • Keurig’s hot beverage system redefined the delivery of coffee and tea to consumers.  What do you think the impact of their recently launched cold beverage system will have on the label market?  I’ll bet you have one in your office and/or home sooner than you think.
  • Digital print technology is becoming main-stream in every label delivery system large and small.  Could the development of this technology eliminate the need for a label at all?  Leading equipment manufacturers seem to think so as machines have already been commercialized printing high quality graphics directly on the container.

There is no question we are involved in a dynamic, growing industry.  However, the days of buying the latest kit, printing and selling a label are gone.  Market intelligence and staying abreast of competitive threats is the new norm.  Hopefully, this thirty minutes will provide a few “ah-hah” moments.

Dan Meunzer | Constantia Flexibles – Labels Division

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