Skeptical? Optimistic? Pessimistic? In 2018, how do Brands and Label Buyers Really Feel about Digitally Printed Labels?

In 1995, the first digital label production presses were featured at DRUPA. Over the last two decades, the market value of digitally-printed labels has climbed to make up more than 10% of Europe’s total label industry. Digitally-printed label market share continues to grow however not all packaging buyers perceive the technology in the same way.

We have seen claims in the media about how brands and packaging buyers are aggressively pulling digital label production up the European supply chain. We read about how some brands are demanding that portions of their delivered labels be printed on digital presses. However, is this really the case? And is it the majority of packaging buyers who might be doing this or is it actually a small percentage?

When it comes to sourcing digital labels and the perception of whether digitally-printed labels truly offer value, brands and label buyers can have very different opinions. During our presentation at the FINAT European Label Forum, LPC will discuss the different types of label buyers out there when it comes to demanding (or not) digitally-printed labels from their label vendors.

Brands have their own stories to tell and we will feature specific case studies that outline how some brands have capitalized on the advantages of digital, while others consider their digital campaigns unsuccessful and remain skeptical of the technology’s benefits to their overall printed packaging mix. LPC’s presentation will deliver an overall picture of digital across the European label market in addition to challenges and opportunities from the perspective of both the label buyer and the label converter.

A blog written by Jennifer Dochstader of LPC, Inc.

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