The single most surprising factors of print technology success stories in Ireland

The most surprising factor in the success of label printing in Ireland is that it is not a surprise. As a race Irish people have always shown a capacity for creativity and resourcefulness: from the invention of colour photography, the ejector seat and the Ferguson tractor to the discovery of a cure for leprosy and of pulsar stars.  Why then would we wonder that our label printing industry is one of the most vibrant and innovative in Europe?  The challenges facing the print industry in the island of Ireland and the impact of Brexit seem to pale by comparison.

In my career as Managing Director of Nuprint, I have led the company through a period of unprecedented change.  In my talk, I will summarise our journey from the collapse of the clothing industry in the North through to the internet of things, plastic waste reduction and increasing regulation in every aspect of our business.

Added to this will be our perspective on Brexit from the point of view of a label manufacturer based right on the border and working mainly with the agri-food sector.  I look forward to meeting you all at FINAT in June.

by Gavin Killeen

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