Thinking at the leading edge

Strategic insights characterise FINAT 2016 European Label Forum

The business challenges of today and tomorrow are the focus of the international label industry, where new brand owner demands, new technologies, legislation and new packaging formats combine to deliver an ever-changing platform of activity. This is the situation, which the agenda of the European Label Forum 2016 will address in an event dedicated to inspiring and energising label industry participants at all levels – with an outstanding programme of expert international speakers.

A changing world, says Magnus Lindkvist

The European Label Forum 2016 in Amsterdam, 16-18 June, opens with a keynote address from futurologist Magnus Lindkvist (SE), who combines the solid business reality of today with the imaginative storytelling of Hollywood to deliver a thought-provoking picture of how life’s broad disruptive change agenda will impact the label industry in the next ten years.

Debate with Rens de Jong

After FINAT Managing Director, Jules Lejeune, identifies current trends and developments in the industry highlighted in FINAT RADAR, it is the turn of Rens de Jong, host of Netherlands’ radio Business News talk show, founder of Buzzmaster, and entrepreneurial international moderator, to conduct ‘the ELF 2016 Buzzmaster Debate’ with forum participants. Voted Quote magazine’s Moderator of the Year in 2013, he is expected to create a lively and valuable discussion that will, unusually, bring together the various branches of the complex label value chain in the same framework to express and address opportunities, concerns and opinions. The audience will have the opportunity to take part of the interactive discussion by asking questions via a so-called buzzmaster app on their smartphones.

The debate, on the second day of the Forum, will take place with the stakeholders from different corners of the European label business:

  • Didier Bonnefon, Sourcing & Supplier Development Manager Ingredients at Danone, Division Nutricia
  • Paul Earnshaw, Packaging Manager of Tesco
  • Rik Olthof, ‘brand strategist of Cartils (brand packaging design agency)
  • Keran Turakhia, Director of Hive (a UK company specialised in interactive packaging solutions)
  • Peder Michael Pruzan Jorgensen, Sustainability Executive of BSR
  • Corey Reardon, CEO AWA Alexander Watson Associates
  • Phil Allen (Value Creator at CVM€)
  • Gordon Crichton (Director of MAI)

Guest Membership