FINAT is happy to welcome you again in 2022 in Baveno, Italy!

This year's event (2021) could be joined digitally from anywhere in the world. Speakers took the stage and participants interactively engaged in presentations, discussions and workshops. Get a better idea of the virtual platform that was used by viewing the Participant Guide (download on the right).

The take-aways of the FINAT European Label Forum 2021

No point beating around the bush here, this year's European Label Forum again offered a top-notch programme with sublime expert speakers from in- and outside our industry. The ELF 2021 is THE industry event for all members of the international label community, which means also you!

At this industry event, 25 speakers inspire and motivate you with their experience, success stories, and lessons learnt. They hand you concrete tools which you can immediately use in your day-to-day job. We also expect around 500 industry peers participating alongside of you, for you to network and reconnect with before and after the business programme. 

Great added value! This is what you could expect to get out of each day specifically:

Day 1 - Association matters

  • Get a summary of the trends and developments in the label market.
  • Get the latest labelstock market update and other statistics.
  • Engage with FINAT converter and supplier members to get their view on the future of our industry.
  • Learn how FINAT has been supporting the industry in 2020.

Day 2 - Business strategy

  • Get an overview of the present dynamics of the general economy in Europe (post -COVID recovery and structural changes).
  • Gain a clear perspective on what the consolidated landscape may look like. What ticks the boxes to be an attractive investment opportunity?
  • Hear and challenge two of the most notable deal advisors and investors in the narrow web industry over recent years.
  • Learn about all aspects of the road through acquisition from owner to operator; how it affects the culture, performance, investment profile and long term security of any business through this transition. What drives a successful M&A strategy for both sides of the deal?

Day 3 - Circular economy 

  • Hear about the proposed changes to the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive.
  • Learn what the latest developments are in the worldwide industry initiative CELAB to recycle both liners and matrix.
  • Get to know the innovative digital watermarking technology which could revolutionize sorting systems in recycling as well as ultimately the use of barcodes as we know them today.
  • Be present at an exciting panel discussion with worldwide leading brand-owners discussing and debating their views on sustainability and recycling.

Day 4 - Future workforce 

  • Learn how education of existing workforce goes hand in hand with motivation of new talent.
  • Get inspired by unconventional alternative business models that attract young professionals.
  • Hear from our industry colleagues how they manage their work environment.
  • Understand the cornerstones of an inclusive company culture.

Day 5 - Community celebration

  • Become expert in capturing potential energy and value in your organization.
  • Find out who (maybe you?) won the prestigious FINAT label awards this year. 
  • Celebrate our industry together with your (newly made) FINAT friends.
  • Identify the hidden treasures and strengths in the different business cultures in Europe.

This programme contains presentations, various panel discussions, networking opportunities, workshops, and more! We have made it so easy for you to share all learnings with your whole team as all sessions are being recorded but also, one enterprise ticket of € 250,- (€ 150,- for FINAT members) gives live access to the virtual platform to all employees!

Totally worth the small investment, don't you think? For this amount, you'll get unlimited access for all employees to a full week's programme with high-end speakers, the opportunity for you to grow in business and personally in 5-afternoon sessions, expansion of your network with more than 500 industry peers, the opportunity to reconnect with industry friends during informal 'cocktail hour' networking, and the possibility to review recordings afterwards. 

For more information on the programme go to:

Feel free to get in contact with the FINAT Secretariat in case you have any remaining questions!

Reconnecting the label community

In 2021 the FINAT European Label Forum will be held online. The virtual platform that is used is called Let's Get Digital.