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18 April 2023

Investing in times of disruption

It is a common law of investing that the most rewarding opportunities are often the riskiest, and that is certainly the case with today’s radical changes. Some major new technologies are causing disruption in almost every existing industry. A big one is AI learning systems that have the power to transform all sectors in the economy. From humans programming all software to automated software creation, AI could turbocharge every industry, and due to the pandemic, robots are taking over the work environment earlier than expected. Advances in software and sensors should enable robots to operate alongside humans in all sorts of areas.

Similarly, clean (green) power has become substantially more competitive over the past several years. Next to that, the emergence of 5G networks is arguably one of the most valuable and transformative developments. The technology provides faster wireless internet access, with more bandwidth and minimal delay. Also, blockchain technology is an upcoming disruptive innovation that affects our financial transactions, transportation, etc. 

In our second session of this year's FINAT European Label Forum, we will focus on new technology, starting with a panel discussion that will outline various aspects regarding investment in uncertain times of increasing prices, increasing interest rates, economic uncertainty and (probably) recession. Insights as to how the installed base of equipment will evolve over the next years, and the impact of automation, industry consolidation, and digitization will be discussed with stakeholders Nick Mockett of Moorgate Capital, Jens Brusgaard of FlexoPrint AS, and Jakob Landberg of Nilpeter AS. 

Make sure to attend this live discussion at the FINAT European Label Forum 2023 and secure your seat now.