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26 April 2022

How to handle today's disruptive challenges?

To state that the label industry is going through hectic times would be the understatement of the year. How to handle today's challenges is exactly what will be discussed at the upcoming European Label Forum in Baveno. The first panel that will take discuss this consists of industry players from UPM, HERMA, the Fedrigoni Group, and Avery Dennison.

Thomas Vainio, Area Sales Director at UPM Raflatac in Switzerland mentioned: “In the past couple of years, many companies have improved in handling business disruptions and other unforeseen challenges. To be able to do so also in the future, preparation for different scenarios is important, but when things do happen, working closely with your partners to find solutions can support business continuity.”

According to Hassan Rmaile, Vice President & General Manager for the Label & Graphics materials EMEA at Avery Dennison, "Life is full of challenges. We have seen an unprecedented convolution of crises over the last few years including hyperinflation, severe raw materials shortages, industrial action impacting paper raw materials supplies, and the latest with the war in Ukraine. It is always critical to remember that every crisis has an ending. It is also essential to keep the long-term strategic implications and outcomes in mind without overreacting in the heat of the moment. We need a balanced approach, tackling the short-term challenges swiftly and efficiently without losing track of the strategic horizons for our industry. We can do this by ensuring we continue to invest and even ring-fence investments in innovation, digitalization, and sustainability which will help all of us come out much stronger on the other end.

Rmail wrote a few blogs on some of today's challenges. To read, click on the links below. 

All panelists are looking forward to seeing you all in person in June and having productive conversations around key topics impacting our industry today along with the exciting opportunities in the future. Make sure to be part of the discussion by attending the FINAT European Label Forum 2022.