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17 May 2022

Keeping up with the recycling initiatives of the label industry

FINAT is always happy to guide you to all the great recycling initiatives that are happening in the label industry. Again at this year's European Label Forum, we will showcase three collective projects that demonstrate our industry's engagement in various recyclability arenas, and what this will mean for the industry's footprint. 

Fabrizio Di Gregorio of Plastics Recyclers Europe - Recyclass, will share recycling guidelines. From his perspective, the label industry can play a key role in the upcoming years to accelerate the transition toward the circularity of plastic packaging since labels incorrectly designed can hamper sorting and recycling. 'Polyolefin labels, small in size, slightly printed, and provided with releasable adhesives at 40°C, are a must-have to make plastic packaging recyclable and enhance the quality of recycled plastics on the market. Investment in R&D to design new label concepts is a crucial step for the label industry, in particular, to balance the functional behavior of the adhesives with the request to design plastic packaging compatible with recycling.'

Gian De Belder will elaborate on the road toward realizing a circular economy. What problems do we need to solve to be able to drive a circular economy for packaging? Intelligent packaging can help with this challenge, by placing digital watermarks on consumer goods packaging for example. By focussing on intelligent sorting, data mining, and consumer engagement, the HolyGrail 2.0 project is hoping to reach a circular label business in the future.

Also learn from Ophelie Gourdou of CELAB-Europe on how the label industry is becoming more and more sustainable through liner and matrix recycling. Make sure to attend their talk at the FINAT European Label Forum 2022 in Baveno, Italy on Friday morning, 3rd June. Register now.