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5 May 2022

How the label industry deals with big data

With the digitisation of the world at large we are used to having data all around us. How can data be made available for operations improvement, sales analysis and technical quality control? What does this mean for data integrity, transparency, security and protection? A panel of systems developers, OEM vendors and those using them to enhance and improve the measurement and control of our platforms and workflows will discuss these and other questions at the upcoming FINAT European Label Forum 2022.

Our panelist Jan de Roek of Esko says:  'When used strategically, data analytics have the power to completely transform how a company performs. I see two main challenges with data analytics: the business case for data analytics related investments should be clear and drive the technology choice, not the other way around. And scarcity of the requisite data analytics talent is the second challenge that prevents deploying data analytics technology at the intended pace.'

Tom Schouten of Geostick B.V. mentions: 'Every week we make thousands of decisions. It might be a work-related, private, or a combination of these two, especially when work is your hobby. Some of these decisions are relatively easy, and some of them are complex and are weighted heavy - because they might impact you and perhaps someone else’s future. The advantage of big data is that it can help simplify the complexity of these decisions and reveal who will and who will not be impacted or indicate what you have to focus on, and whatnot. For example, the downscale from a multi-shift production to a single-shift production. How many aspects come to mind making such a decision? Big data regarding shift efficiency, output, unscheduled maintenance, sick leave, technical capabilities, training, and many more can aid in decisions like these and tackle your status quo bias. Yet, big data also comes with a dark side – the phenomenon of choice overload. Too many data points and making a grounded decision will become difficult and stressful. Without the proper use of big data this abundance of choices might overwhelm you by the sheer number of options, comparisons, and graphs available. Using big data comes with a responsibility, but when used correctly can turn complex questions into thoughtful decisions.'

Another panelist is Guido Iannone of All4Labels. They use big data to find new ways to interact with their customers and have published a report on the subject. It will be great to hear all our panelists talk about big data and what they see as the biggest advantage and the biggest challenge of big data. Make sure to register for the FINAT European Label Forum 2022 on 1-3 June 2022 in Baveno, Italy.