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10 May 2023

The sustainability challenges that brand owners face

The biggest challenge facing brand owners right now is staying abreast of the changing landscape relating to packaging sustainability, and negotiating the complexity which is emerging when operating across multiple countries and regions. The recent announcement of the updates to the Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation in Europe, whilst welcomed for some of the harmonising actions it brings, has also brought several new challenges which we must face in the coming years.

The introduction of Design for Recycling requirements as part of these regulations, which look set to be strictly enforced, will draw attention on label and container compatability, in terms of material, adhesive, inks, and size coverage. We must also consider the challenges related to accommodating on-pack recycling labelling and QR codes on labels, alongside other marketing and regulatory information, all whilst staying on-side with the new recycling guidance. Add to this the global intensification of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements, ongoing negotiations for a Global Plastics Treaty, and the increasing focus on sustainability related claims and marketing, mean that selecting, designing, and labelling packaging suitable for a global marketplace has never been more challenging.

Learn more about the challenges brand owners face at the upcoming FINAT European Label Forum 2023. A panel of leading end-user companies, including P&G, Reckitt, and KAO Germany, will discuss their view on sustainability issues. Register now

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