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5 April 2023

Riding the global waves: how geopolitical tensions and financial and economic shocks affect our business future

The end of the Cold War gave us all hope for accelerated and peaceful political and economic cooperation, convergence and integration. The absence of an ideological divide in combination with the digital revolution enabled an unprecedented drive towards further globalisation of financial and economic relations.

Nevertheless, the last decades, severe political tensions developed, notably in Europe (culminating in the current war in Ukraine) and in Asia (mainly between the US and China).

How and why did those tensions arise? Could they have been avoided? Or where we naïve in assuming the emergence of a ‘universal market with rationally behaving human economic actors’?

In the current multi-polar world order, geopolitical and financial-economic tensions between the various power poles may be the ‘new normal’. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these power pools, including the EU? How should policy makers and businesses take geopolitical uncertainties and tensions more into account into their short term and longer term decisions and strategies? And what could be the consequences for regional and global markets and supply chains?

One of our keynote speaker at this year's ELF, Ron Keller, will tell you all about the tensions and how they affect the future of our business. 

  1. Although the process of globalisation got a huge impulse the last decades, deeply rooted and fundamental differences in political and economic governance between the various power poles remain very much evident and relevant, also for business leaders.
  2. Therefore, the current system of multilateral cooperation urgently needs strengthening as to enable the world community to cope with global challenges such and the avoidance of conflicts and wars, an adequate management of the world economy, and an effective protection of our climate.
  3. Also businesses need to more structurally take into account and ‘price-in’ geopolitical uncertainties and risks into their longer term strategic orientations and decisions.

Want to know more? Make sure to join us in Vienna and come to the keynote speech of Ron Keller, economic affairs expert. Register now!