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16 May 2023

Build Your Organization's Future for the Innovation Age

How to digitally transform your organization? Our keynote speaker Lindsay Herbert is specialized in this topic. She wrote a book about digital transformation and will guide us through the steps to make your organization future-proof. Digital Transformation is now used globally by universities and colleges as a textbook for the how-to of major innovation. The book covers the end-to-end practical execution of a digital transformation programme – from leadership-level strategy, to on-the-ground technical implementation. The biggest revelation of all being that true digital transformation only needs to happen once because, at its core, it means becoming more adaptive to change itself. The book is centred around the BUILD Innovation Framework: the ‘how to’ of digital transformation.

During the FINAT European Label Forum, Herbert will go over the five stages that act as a repeatable framework for continual innovation, allowing you to produce results immediately and grow change incrementally. Lindsay Herbert draws on her own experiences in leading change and innovation programmes globally. She currently works as Global Chief Innovation Officer at IBM Garage and is IBM Inventor.

Make sure to join this keynote at the FINAT European Label Forum 2023 in Vienna.