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1 May 2024

What do you want in your team? - What the label industry can learn from an Olympic Champion

Tim Foster was a 3-time Olympic athlete who was world-renowned for being a team player. Competing in a sport where physicality and numbers prevail, Tim’s strengths were in his technique and ability to promote the best out of others. 

Using the example of the gold medal-winning team from the Sydney Olympics Olympic Gold, Tim will talk about how it is not just about the individual skills of the team, but how different elements of leadership, relationships, cooperation and conflict, targets and performance – ultimately lead to success. 

The team’s journey takes them through adversity, defeat, and uncertainty, and yet they were able to always hold themselves to account and achieve a performance that nobody else could match. 

Tim went on to coach at a further 3 Olympics and will talk about how his transition into a more formal leadership role was harder than he imagined. Despite all his knowledge and experience, it wasn’t about becoming the leader that he would have wanted. Tim was left with the question - Is being an expert in something, an advantage, or a disadvantage when it comes to teaching and leading others? 

Despite never properly answering his own question, Tim went on to be a very successful coach, now using his skills in business and the world of professional football. During the session, Tim will help you to question and apply his story to your own situation, and come out inspired and enlightened to achieve great things. 

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