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16 April 2024

Harnessing AI in the label industry

By Katie King, Published Author and CEO of AI in Business 

Organisations worldwide, and across every industry sector, face challenges from multiple angles, with a fierce competitive landscape forcing many to choose: sink or swim, adapt or risk getting left behind. The label industry is no exception.  The recent boom in Generative AI has changed the game, with companies turning to this and other forms of this transformative technology to gain a competitive edge.  

As well as using AI operationally, for example, AI-driven preproduction software for packaging and labels, every organization needs to appreciate how AI can improve core business functions.  Marketing, sales, HR, and other teams must now leverage AI tools to stay ahead of ever-changing customer and staff needs; to deliver next-level experiences, and differentiate in a crowded marketplace.  

Many however do not know where to start, who to turn to, and how to successfully apply this technology to their business. That’s where my Scorecard for Success comes in. It features in my book and is being used my many teams worldwide to identify areas of strength and weakness. 

I’ll be speaking in May at the annual conference. It will be a pragmatic session where I will provide insight into AI’s potential today, and what impacts it can bring in the future. I will provide an overview of the key benefits which AI can bring, and how it is already being practically applied by real businesses. I’ll also pay special attention to the ethical considerations that need to be made for harnessing AI safely and ethically.  

See you in Athens!