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15 April 2019

How to deal with resource efficiency vs recyclability; how are these things key to a circular economy?

Multilayer flexible packaging is without any doubt the most resource-efficient packaging concept. Consequently, flexible packaging has grown more in the last years than any other packaging. Achim Grefenstein of Constantia Flexibles will show what new challenges the needs for a circular economy are creating for high-barrier flexible packaging. Some facts about the actual plastics recycling technologies are shown as well as ways, how to combine for the first time resource-efficiency effectively with recyclability. The solutions are so-called mono-material-laminates. These structures are allowing to combine different layers with different properties like aesthetic printed surface, high barrier, and hermetic sealing. But in contrast to former times, they are made of the same or compatible polymers and not a mixture of different ones. One example is the product line “EcoLam” of Constantia Flexibles.

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