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25 April 2023

Guided by the future - lessons from current crises

Thomas Rau is entrepreneur, architect, innovator and visionary. He is ranked among the Top 5 Dutch key influencers in sustainability. His motto is ‘guided by the future’: his decisions and actions are not determined by what is deemed possible or culturally acceptable now, but by what is necessary for the future.

Putting words into action, RAU Architects have been on the forefront of designing environmentally conscious buildings and healthy indoor climates since 1992. Thomas Rau: ‘Until now, we have mainly dealt with present issues, whereas we should be dealing with what is necessary and urgent. When what is necessary becomes topical, you are too late. Sadly and painfully, the current crises currently taking place globally expose this case.’

Rau is one of the keynote speakers, opening session 3 on sustainability. He will guide us through proactive processes on monitoring and handling the correct issues before they become crises. Learn how to be guided by the future by attending this year's FINAT European Label Forum. Register now!