During the backstage after-sessions, some delicious cocktail recipes will be shared with you. Each day of course has its own special drink. 

Monday 31 May 2021 - Association matters day

Today's colour is orange. This is not only because FINAT chose orange as its original colour and has been headquartered in the Netherlands since 1970. Orange is also one of the most commonly used fruits in cocktails. Without oranges, many cocktails would not exist. In a way, FINAT is the orange juice of the industry cocktail!

The Cocktail of the Day is the Harvey Wallbanger.

Alternative cocktails and mocktails:

Tuesday 1 June 2021 - Business strategy day

Today's colour is Blue. In our minds, especially around this time of the year, blue is often associated with blue skies and sunny places. Not only because after a year of lockdowns we are all yearning to break away from this environment, but also because as business people, we need to look beyond the horizon and create a blue ocean for our business.

The Cocktail of the Day is the Blue Lagoon.

Alternative cocktails and mocktails:

Wednesday 2 June 2021 - Circular economy day

Today's colour is, not surprisingly, Green. After all, green is the 'natural' choice of connecting our brain to the themes of sustainability and circularity. Unless of course you happen to be part of the colour blind minority that cannot distinguish between green and red. In which case we hope you did not ignore the warning signal that Mother Nature has given us during the pandemic. 

The Cocktail of the Day is the Green Screwdriver.

Alternative cocktails and mocktails:

Thursday 3 June 2021 - Future workforce day

Today's colour is Purple. Purple is the colour of imagination, creativity and spirituality, qualities that combined help us see today's physical reality and help us imagine the future. In the English language, there is also the expression 'having a purple patch', often connected to sports, in which someone having a prolonged period of notable success or good luck. And isn't that what we all wish for our future successors?

The Cocktail of the Day is the Purple Rain Gin Cocktail.

Alternative cocktails and mocktails:

Friday 4 June 2021 - Community celebration day

Today's colour is Gold. After all, gold features our celebrations. In our personal life when we commemorate a special event or achievement. In sports, especially in this post-COVID year to which last year's Olympics and European nations' football championships have been postponed. And in FINAT we use Gold not only to celebrate the winners of this year's label competition, but also the golden opportunity that FINAT offers to unify the label community in a diverse Europe. 

The Cocktail of the Day is the Cranberry Aperol Spritzer.

Alternative cocktails and mocktails:

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